Beyond the Realm

Bryan Bowden

Bryan has been interested in science, the paranormal and cryptozoology since he was young. His experiences in the paranormal realm have been the driving force in his quest for knowledge. He was Al Santariga’s first draft pick for “essential members of the team” and joined the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS at inception. Bryan is a published author, Musician and Artist. He left a career in Finance to pursue Business Development on a global scale. He is a member of IRVA and is working on a series of new books. 

Al Santariga

Al is a paranormal investigator & researcher.  He founded the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS. Al says “I was born into a paranormal family… my mom would get premonitions. And my brother is a parapsychologist.” As a youngster, Al had a memorial encounter with the Florida Skunk Ape” that changed his life and set him on his quest for Knowledge of the unknown. 

Cindy Bailey Dove

As a child, Cindy experienced some unusual events that drove her curiosity that would later propel her into becoming a UFO and paranormal investigator. Since 1978 she has used her spare time to explore those areas of interest and today, Cindy continues to be active in both paranormal and UFO research. With the internet giving rise to more accessible information Cindy has utilized her skills to hunt down some of these strange occurrences for Richard Dolan as well as adding hundreds of photos and videos of military craft to her website. Cindy is currently a member of the MUFON Star Team and the Special Assignment Team; and the host of the Drone Report.