Inside the Goblin Universe

Your Hosts

Ronald Murphy

Ron has been called the “crypto guru” due to his research into the field of cryptozoology, but it is not only strange and hidden creatures that fascinate him. Holding degrees in literature, religious studies, and history, he examines the world of paranormal phenomena from multidisciplinary angles and applies scientific analysis in his examination into his scrutiny of the mysterious. He is currently exploring the possible connections to infrasound and pheromones to accounts given by experiencers. From a psychological approach, Ron applies Jungian philosophical ideas into his research as he attempts to uncover the underlying archetype behind the enigmas of the world. He has traveled from Florida to Maine in the United States and throughout Great Britain in his continuous quest to uncover that which remains hidden. He has written extensively on the motifs of the wildman, mermaids, werewolves, ghosts, and vampires. Ron also has a keen interest in the theoretical shadow realm of the faerie, that goblin universe that seems to be the impetus from which the paranormal emerges, viewing the figure of the fairie as forms on which archetypes are fashioned. Ron is looking forward to taking this journey into the unknown with you.


Bryan Bowden

Bryan has been interested in science, the paranormal and cryptozoology since he was young. His experiences in the paranormal realm have been the driving force in his quest for knowledge. He was Al Santariga’s first draft pick for “essential members of the team” and joined the Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS at inception. Bryan is a published author, Musician and Artist. He left a career in Finance to pursue Business Development on a global scale. He is a member of IRVA and is working on a series of new books.