Did Film Maker Stanley Kubrick Help Fake The Moon Landings? Ummm…No!

Last night on the show while interviewing Brad Olsen we were unexpectedly treated to previously unreleased footage of a supposed interview with famed film director Stanley Kubrick, where he filmed a confession that he was involved with faking the moon landings.

Below is the full version of the interview:

After reviewing the footage closely, we have determined that this footage is, itself, a hoax. The man in this video is NOT Stanley Kubrick! It’s shot in such a way to partially disguise the actor’s face (who even the interviewer called “Tom” at 14:09 into the interview). But the damning evidence comes from comparing the man in the video’s face with that of the real Stanley Kubrick.


First of all, compare their noses. The real Kubrick’s nose is full and rounded, while the “actor” in the video has a pointed nose with a dimple on the end. Also, the real Kubrick has a birthmark above his left eyebrow that is missing on the man in the video, who also has several small moles that the real Kubrick does not have.

This video is most definitely created as disinformation to perpetrate a hoax. We want to make it clear that we are not blaming Brad Olsen for faking this video. and we are thankful for him for sharing it with us before it premiered anywhere else.  But we feel that Brad may have been the victim, as it was intended, and we gladly welcome him back on our show for the future.

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