PAUK Welcome’s Mack Maloney to the Network!

The Paranormal UK Radio Network is pleased to welcome Mack Maloney to the network, and his show MACK MALONEY’S MILITARY X-FILES! Mack has authored more than 40 books, including “UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You To Know” and “Beyond Area 51,” plus the best-selling “Wingman” military adventure series. He’s served as a consultant […]

Launching a new Paranormal Network!

Starting in December, Paranormal UK Radio will be transforming into the Paranormal UK Radio Network! Not only will our popular show Paranormal UK Radio continue in it’s weekly time slot on Wednesdays at 9 PM GMT & EST, but we will be adding new weekly and monthly shows to expand the network including — The […]

Another Possible EVP Recorded During Interview

During our recording for tomorrow night’s new episode of Paranormal Adventures UK, it seems we may have captured a class-A EVP. At 14 minutes into the show I am asking our guest Paulette Alston a question about using a K-2 Meter, when there is a beep from my computer. This is immediately followed by a […]

Strange Sounds Captured During Whitley Strieber Interview

Here at Unknown Origins Radio we are no strangers to having strange things happen during some of our interviews, and this week was no exception. During Wednesday’s show with guest Whitley Strieber, we had two incidents where strange, unexplained sounds were heard during the broadcast that could not be accounted for at the time. This […]

Woman Vanishes on Live TV

During a live interview for Tv2’s SportsCenter conducted in an airport, a blonde woman talking to her friend (left) mysteriously disappears when her friend rolls her luggage away. Read more:  

Whitley Strieber & Jeffrey J. Kripal

This week our guests are Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey C. Kripal who will be discussing their new book The Super Natural. That’s Wednesday, March 16th starting at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST.  

Is This The First Recording Of An Alien Voice? UFO Fans Think So

<img class=”Maw(100%)” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/”/> If it’s true, it’s the biggest moment in human history – a recording received from an alien, saying, ‘Hello. I am Sheivae. I receive your message. I come from a world far away from yours.’ But even hardened UFO fans are having trouble believing the recording released by the Sheivae Project – […]

UFOs Light Up The Scottish Sky

John Macdonald was driving at night through rural Scotland when suddenly, he says, an amazing circular bright object appeared in the sky. John Macdonald / Cascade News Macdonald, 65, estimated the object — displaying several rows of brilliant lights — was less than 100 yards from him, hovered for a few minutes, and then vanished […]

What is Area 6?

You’ve heard of Area 51 – but what’s going on at nearby Area 6? The United States Air Force base known as Area 51, more properly a part of Restricted Area 4808 North, is hardly a secret any more. The facility’s various names, if not its function, have become part of popular culture. But a […]

Vision — What is Area 89?

The following was recorded today by Irene Allen-Block: A strange thing happened to me in the middle of the night and it would not surprise me to have the men in black on my back after this. I know I was in bed because I awoke after the first bit and then consciously wanting to […]