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Eric Altman is a Paranormal enthusiast,  Bigfoot Investigator, and Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. He is the principal host and producer of BTE Radio. As a ten year old boy growing up in Greensburg, Pennsylvania – he began to educate himself on the paranormal- anything strange, or unusual he could get his hands on. Currently he resides in Jeannette, Pennsylvania with his wife of 15 years Kathy and their 18 year old son Josh.

In 1980 Eric began to study the Bigfoot phenomenon, leading him to begin active fieldwork and become a member of the BFRO. In 1998, Eric joined the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, later in 2000 became the groups director. Eric has lectured on Bigfoot at numerous Bigfoot, Cryptid, and Paranormal Conferences across the Eastern United States. His speaking engagements have included talks for local clubs, organizations, schools and a lecture presented for the Forestry Department at Penn State University in 2007 – leading to him becoming a nationally recognized and respected figure in Cryptozoology. Eric has chased Bigfoot sightings from the woods of Pennsylvania to the forests of Ohio, Maryland, Texas, California and Oregon; with over 250 investigations under his belt to guide him.   Eric has been featured in the documentary American Sasquatch Hunters, Bigfoot in America; the movie “Mountain Devil, The Search For Frank Peterson” and the soon to be released “Modern Monsters” Documentary film.  Eric has also appeared in hundreds of radio interviews, news paper articles and television programs.

Due to his experiences and interests in the paranormal, Eric created and launched the internet talk radio program “Beyond The Edge Radio”- which first aired October 2007. Eric is the Co-Owner and President of Beyond the Edge Entertainment.

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Marie Samuels has been fascinated by the paranormal and horror genre as long as she can remember, and it has since bloomed in to a passionate hobby. She’s a para-holic to the core!  Marie hails from the West Coast, a Seattle native, born and raised, Marie has a wonderful husband of 6 years, a wicked kitty named Karma and our angle pups, Toki.

Marie spends most of my free time researching/investigating the paranormal, horror genre, and true crime. Her bio includes experiencing various paranormal activity beginning at age 9.  She’s been a guest on the  2 episodes of “Jim Harold’s Campfire” podcast , helping chose the “Best Of” format for the radio show “Speaking of Strange” while Joshua P. Warren was off filming “Paranormal Paparazzi”, as well as never missing logging in to chat for “Speaking of Strange” radio show every Saturday night for FOUR years (hit anniversary 10/2013).  Marie has had her true short story published in Joshua P. Warrens new book, “It Was A Dark and Creepy Night”.  A long time fan and listener of Coast to Coast since 1998, Marie is well versed in all things paranormal, extraterrestrial, cryptozoological, serial killers and tends to lean towards the darker side.

Marie serves as the host of her own monthly podcast show “Macabre Moments” for over a year.  BTE Radio is quite fortunate to have such a great personality, and a wealth of knowledge filling the Co-Host seat as we welcome Marie Samuels BTE Radio’s brand new Co-Host.  To learn more about Marie visit her website and facebook pages.